I am proud to announce that Fragmented Mind was chosen to be part of the FESTIVAL CLASSICA on the 5th June 2016 at 3:30pm in St.Lambert.

For those who have not had the opportunity to see the show in February or want to see the show one more time, you can purchase tickets on the website of the festival.

I look forward to seeing you all !


World premiere, new dance creation FRAGMENTED MIND was a great succes!  

I could not be happier after receiving so many genuine congratulations from audience.          Thank you all for your support and especially I want to thank my wonderful team of artist´s who were involved in this project.

  • "A visually stimulating new and ambitious work from emerging choreographer Eva Kolarova."

    -Philip Szporer, dance writer and filmmaker

  • One of the articles which came out after premiere:

Dans L'esprit Fragmenté, la chorégraphe Eva Kolarova, combine ballet contemporain, projections vidéos et sons. La pièce confronte la réalité du monde extérieur et la question de l’intime et de l’esprit troublé du personnage principal Lester Tremblay, qui se retrouve en questionnement profond, un mélange de souvenirs, de rêves et de cauchemars. J’ai trouvé particulièrement pertinent, le rapport entre la video (qui nous fait découvrir les rues de Montréal, la Place des Arts, le passage de la vie effrénée des inconnus, des anonymes,…) et la chorégraphie, la rencontre des corps, le moment présent. Comme l’exprime la jeune et brillante chorégraphe Eva Kolarova « Selon moi, la danse constitue un exercice d’équilibre entre la perfection et la beauté. Il s’agit d’une langue sans mot, d’une expression de notre âme. On ne peut danser dans le passé ou dans le futur, la danse demeure constamment, ici et maintenant avec notre être entier. » C’est vraiment le sentiment que l’on a en sortant de la Cinquième salle de la Place des Arts: avoir vécu le moment présent, avoir partagé un sentiment d’intimité avec les excellents danseurs, avant de retourner dans l’anonymat de la foule… À découvrir absolument!

Vidéaste, responsable de la projection, ainsi que le compositeur Karl Turpin: Nasuna Stuart-Ulin.

Me Myself and Montreal,  13 February 2016

  • Genevieve PM Roy - Gen's Delights

FRAGMENTED MINDS was a visually stunning and emotionally charged modern dance creation choreographed by the young and immensely talented Montreal based, Czech choreographer Eva Kolarova.

Her piece was a fully immersive, storytelling dance that explored the chaos of a man's troubled mind by offering a complex but compelling, elegant choreography.
Each scene flowed seamlessly one into the other and probed the viewers to dive deep into the depths of their own psyche.

The piece explored the fragile and permeable boundaries between reality and illusion with the help of ambient music by composer Karl Turpin and enhanced by artful video projections by videographer Nasuna Stuart-Ulin.

-- Simply Marvelous!

  • Quote from Shelley Pomarance

In Fragmented Mind, choreographer Eva Kolarova explores the everyday reality of a person struggling to survive in the midst of the city, with its noise, crowds, anonymity and alienation. This is effectively conveyed through the use of video (by Nasuna Stuart-Ulin), which provides a powerful reflection of the bewildering chaos of modern life, juxtaposed with the dancers moving about on the stage below, attempting to connect and communicate, though not always succeeding. Kolarova weaves together various elements—dancers, video, music, props—to create a fascinating portrait of a troubled mind. 

What’s particularly striking is how, in an artificial environment—on the stage, she manages to convey everyday life.

This young choreographer already shows a remarkable ability to juggle with many ideas and elements, and to direct a group of dancers with skill. In Fragmented Mind alone, there is enough material to fuel several projects. I look forward to Kolarova’s future productions.

- Shelley Pomerance

  • Some quotes from various person´s from fcbook: 

Caroline Bem: Really enjoyed the show on Saturday, Eva--congrats and keep up the good work!!
Anaëlle A: superbe spectacle! félicitations!

Rachel Stevenson: Such an awesome show. It really touched me:)

Monica Quee Ying Wong: Congratulations Eva ...keep up the excellent work...will look out for your next dance. hugs.

Gabriel McCaughry: Sincères Félicitations à Karl Turpin pour la soundtrack (très Ulver-esque hehe) et Eva Kolarova pour son oeuvre: le très original et efficace New Dance Creation 'Fragmented Mind' by Eva Kolarova présenté hier à la Place des Arts ! - I thoroughly enjoyed it, poignant and well-executed!

Paul Millette: Extraordinaire!

Étienne Gagnon: Très belle utilisation de projections vidéos pour accompagner les danseurs!

Avery Zhao-Djokic: Great job Eva!

Paolo Antonio Abelardo Amando Santos: Congrats Eva and to your team!

Natalia Gubanova: congratulations! good luck for the next works!

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World premiere, new dance creation      FRAGMENTED MIND

• Choreographer, Eva Kolarova

• Main dancers, Paco Ziel, Jérémy Galdeano, Emilie Durville, Sara Harton, Véronique Giasson, Étienne Gagnon-Delorme, Pierre-Émile Lemieux-Venne

• Dancers of the group section, Maya-tatanka Milet, Naomi Julien, Alexandra MacLean, Véronique Jalbert , Marie-Denise Bettez ,Citlali Trevino, Gariépy Mireille, Melanie Lebrun, Arturo Oliva, Kunal Ranchod, Cai John Davies Glover

• Interactive video projection concept, Nasuna Stuart-Ulin

• Illustration, Sarah Isabelle-Tremblay

• Composer, Karl Turpin


World premiere on the 12th and 13th February 2016 at 8pm                                 Cinquième salle, Place des Arts

To buy your ticket´s clic here:



" Created in part during residencies at l’Espace Marie Chouinard and                                                      L´école Supérieure de Ballet du Québec. "


We also planning on participation in various festivals ( eg.Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival in the summer of 2016 ).

This  project is involving the research, creation and production of a new work, Fragmented Mind. This work – approximately 60 minutes long – will be performed by 7 main dancers and 12 extra dancers, accompanied by video projection and music composed specifically for this choreography.



In Fragmented Mind, Lester Tremblay walks the fine line between sanity and the illusory; the fragile junction that divides the imaginary and the real. He is at his very limits.

Through his experience, the audience is immersed in a complex world of images, hallucinations, and delirium. We navigate his reality (or lack thereof) and his perceptions, as he struggles to distinguish between these two colliding worlds. This conflict is illustrated through the symbiosis of movement, music, and projection, providing the spectator with a glimpse into his experience. Equally important is the experience of the other. How does society perceive such an individual? We question the certainty with which we profess to understand reality. Are the lines really so clear? And who is the ultimate arbiter of what constitutes reality? Such dichotomies become increasingly unclear. This is the goal of our creation. Through our multidisciplinary platform, we seek to make you question even your most fundamental assumptions.  


My experience tells me that often art compels our understanding and empathy of serious issues more effectively than words or statistics. Deeply infused with my desire to further development as a choreographer is a belief that my work must be relevant to the society in which I inhabit. I see this opportunity as the possibility to fulfill both!


The team: 

Music composer: Karl Turpin

photo by:  Piego Rivebois

photo by: Piego Rivebois


Coming from a highly experimental and self-taught background, Karl originally started composing sounds as soundtracks for his own short films. He gradually took more interest in making Noise Music, and started to work on albums and live performances. Over the past 10 years, he worked on many different projects, refining his sound over time, from oppressive Harsh Noise to progressive Ambient Noise, Post Rock and Drone. With “LIM” as alias, he collaborated with many artists such as Yunam, Ed End, Incongru DIY, Ether by Scythrawl,  Anathema Publishing, and more. He made soundtracks for films such as “Boom Boom” by NoDar, and “Step Well Pillgrim” by Duncan McDowell, and for plays such as “Les Combustibles” by Amélie Nothomb (Prospero 2008) and “Sleepwalkers / Somnambules” by Jackie Van De Geer (Les Yeux Oranges 2012). With no background in music, Karl’s work is heavily oriented towards textures and abstract sounds. He uses found footages, field recordings, noises of all sort as well as synthesizers and pre-recorded acoustic instruments to create his compositions.



Interactive video projection concept: Nasuna Stuart-Ulin

Nasuna Stuart-Ulin is an award winning photographer & videographer based in Montreal, though her projects have taken her far and wide. Street photography from Havana to New Delhi; hang-gliding for aerials in Turkey; hiking an active volcano for landscapes and diving for underwater footage in Hawaii. Despite a dire case of the travel bug, she was called back home by the opportunity to create video projections for the contemporary dance show Fragmented Mind at Place des Arts. Other Montreal-based projects have included a behind the scenes video of Cirque du Soleil for Canadian Business Magazine; a flash-mob of 17 naked people on the metro; and a whirlwind video tour of Montreal must-sees. The latter earned her a trip to London as a finalist for My Destination's international Biggest Baddest Bucket List competition. 

She holds a technical degree in photography from Dawson College and is an alumna of the Photography and Human Rights program at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.

When she's not inciting mass nudity on the Montreal transit system, she's enjoying the ride like everybody else.  


Dancer: Paco Ziel

Paco Ziel, originally from Mexico, studied music and arts at the National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA) from the age of 12. He was awarded of a full scholarship at the Estudio Profesional de Danza Ema Pulido in Mexico City where he was able to develop his skills and talent as a dancer.  Meanwhile, he was studying at the Universidad del Valle de México studying physiotherapy. In 2011, Ziel traveled to Montreal to complete his studies at Ecole Superieure de Ballet du Quebec with a full scholarship to complete his training in classical ballet under the direction of Anik Bissonette. His interest to further his progress and develop greater body awareness and self improvement has brought Paco to discover new ways of training such as, Gaga, Rubberband method, yoga, feldenkrais and meditation. As an emerging choreographer, Paco´s work "Huapango" won first prize at the Bravissimo competition in Quebec 2011.  In 2012, “Mexica”, which had an outstanding critic by renown Mexican cultural and art reviewer. As a creator, Paco´s choreogrhapic work with Quantum Collective based in Montreal, is participating for Danse Buissonnière in 2015. Paco is artistically inspired by several artists and choreographers, among those are Edgar Zendejas, Ami Shulman, Victor Quijada, Eric Beauchesne, Lisa Davies, Anne Plamondon and Andrea Boardman. His vision of dance goes beyond performing, he is also interested in research, cultivation of new ideas, dance literature, and collaboration with other ways of exploring the self as science, philosophy, politics and spirituality. He has been working with Montreal contemporary dance companies such as Cas Public and now RUBBEBANDANCE group.


Dancer: Jérémy Galdeano

Jérémy est né à Nîmes et poursuit sa formation dès l'âge de onze ans à l'école de danse Michèle Lucibello. Il entre en 1998 à l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Danse de Marseille et intègre la Classe d'Insertion Professionnelle en 2000. En 2001, il est engagé par Gradimir Pankov aux Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal. En 2008, il est promu soliste et en 2014 premier soliste. Durant sa carrière il dansera des oeuvres de Georges Balanchine, Jiri Kylian, Ohad Naharin, Didy Veldman, Stijn Celis, Nacho Duato, Jean Christophe Maillot, Mats Ek, Shen Wei et Stephan Thoss entre autres.Jérémy est également chorégraphe et a crée trois pièces pour l'atelier chorégraphique des Grands Ballets Canadiens : "Black Socks" (2006), "Elles" (2010) et "On The Nature of Daylight" (2012). Sa pièce "2" (2013) a été programmée dans le cadre des éditions 2013 et 2014 du festival Quartiers Danses. En 2014 il a été invité à participer en tant que Chorégraphe Emergent dans le cadre de Springboard Danse Montréal.


Dancer: Emilie Durville

Emilie spent her formative years at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Danse de Marseille directed by Roland Petit. After graduating in 2001, she did freelance projects in Europe before joining La Compania de la Comunidad de Madrid in 2003 under the direction of Victor Ullate. From there, Emilie danced from 2004 until 2013, at Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, with 3 years spent as a 1st soloist. She worked with many internationally renowned choreographers including: Ohad Naharin, Mats Ek, Jiri Kilian, Christian Spuck, Nacho Duato, Christopher Weeldon, Stijn Celis, Didy Veldman, Shen Wei and Peter Quanz. She also choreographed her own work for the 2009 and 2012 GBC workshops in collaboration with the cinematographer Philippe Leonard. In 2015, Emilie was guest artist for Qdance, directed by Peter Quanz, she was part of his new creations, as well as Gabrielle Lamb. Currently Emilie is a freelance dancer and teaches ballet and contemporary classes in Montreal. She still co-create dance film with Philippe Leonard, she participates to visual arts installation and she also assists with and resets contemporary choreographer's pieces.


Dancer: Véronique Giasson

Native de Longueuil, Véronique a reçu sa formation à l’École Supérieure de Ballet Contemporain de Montréal. En 2005, elle entre au Jeune Ballet du Québec, le niveau collégial de l’école. Cette troupe d’insertion professionnelle lui permet de travailler pendant trois ans avec des maîtres de ballet renommés ainsi qu’avec des chorégraphes internationaux. Dès ses débuts au JBQ, elle danse de nombreuses créations et participe à de multiples tournées à l'étranger.

Sa carrière prend son envol dès sa sortie de l’école en août 2008. Elle danse d’abord comme apprentie pour Cas Public et décroche ensuite un contrat d’une durée de six mois avec BJM danse. En 2011-2012, elle danse au sein de la Donlon Dance Company, compagnie résidente du théâtre national de la Sarre, en Allemagne. Là-bas, elle interprète des créations de la directrice artistique, Marguerite Donlon, et Cendrillon, de Stijn Celis. Elle a également la chance de partir en tournée en Italie, en Allemagne, en Corée, en Chine et en Thaïlande.

En tant que pigiste, Véronique a dansé entre autres pour Les Grands Ballets canadiens de Montréal et Ballet Ouest, mais depuis 2009, elle entretient une relation étroite avec ezdanza (Edgar Zendejas) et collabore de façon régulière aux projets de la compagnie.

Depuis 2014, Véronique enseigne le ballet et le contemporain un peu partout à travers le Québec, en plus de danser à titre de pigiste avec la Compañia Tania Perez Salas (Mexico City) ainsi qu'avec la Compagnie Marie Chouinard.


Dance: Sara Harton

Native de la ville de Québec, Sara est diplômée de l’École Supérieure de Ballet Contemporain. De 2003 à 2006, elle danse au sein des Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal pour la production de Casse-Noisette.

Dès sa sortie de l’ESBCM, de 2006 à 2009, elle joint BJM Danse et au cours de l’été 2009, elle devient aussi membre d’Ezdanza, compagnie dirigée par Edgar Zendejas, pour laquelle elle danse encore aujourd’hui. De plus, en 2010, elle joint la compagnie Danse K par K, dirigée par Karine Ledoyen.  Depuis 2011, Sara fait aussi partie du spectacle Danse Lhasa Danse, dirigé par Pierre-Paul Savoie, en collaboration avec le festival des Coups de cœur Francophones. En tant qu’artiste indépendante, elle participe à plusieurs projets chorégraphiques, cinématographiques et de vidéoclip et collabore aussi avec différentes écoles comme enseignante, assistante-chorégraphe et chorégraphe.


Dancer: Pierre-Émile Lemieux-Venne

Depuis 2007, Pierre-Émile suit le programme professionnel de l’École Supérieure de Ballet du Québec qui lui offre l’opportunité de travailler avec de multiples enseignants et chorégraphes de renom. Il a acquis une grande maturité et beaucoup d’expérience, grâce aux nombreux spectacles et événements dans lesquels il a pu démontrer sa passion, la danse. Entre autres, il a collaboré avec les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal, avec le Cirque du Soleil et avec l’Orchestre symphonique de Montréal dirigé par Kent Nagano. Il a notamment dansé dans le cadre de la grande première des futures étoiles à la Place des arts.

En 2013, Pierre-Émile s’est classé pour la finale de la prestigieuse compétition Youth America Grand Prix à New York et a reçu une bourse complète pour le stage intensif du Harid Conservatory en Floride. De plus, il a reçu une dizaine de mentions, dont succès et démarcation exceptionnelle en danse.


Dance: Étienne Gagnon-Delorme

Originally from Ottawa, Étienne is presently studying at École supérieure de ballet du Québec in the professional program in which he enrolled in September 2013 at the age of 16. Since then, he has performed in the school’s year end recital Corps de ballet in 2014 and 2015 as well as in Figaro on many occasions. Étienne was also part of the Nutcracker corps de ballet with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens in 2014 and 2015, under Gradimir Pankov’s art direction. In the Summer of 2015, he had the priviledge to train at Arts Umbrella’s Summer Intensive in Vancouver. Étienne's professional training will be completed in the Spring of 2017.


I can not be more happy! Both shows went very well and with great success. We got lot´s of very good feedback from the audience. People told me that Fragmented Mind really touched them in many different ways.

Here is some press material which came out before and after the show:
















I must say I was very pleased and grateful after our little event this past Friday 29th February 2016, I have heard only a great feedback from people who came to support us and who saw a little excerpt of the show Fragmented Mind !


I'm working with a wonderful, dedicated team of artists who are volunteering their talents to bring this show to the stage.               We are therefore inviting you to support our production - your donations will ensure that we have the resources to create the best show we can produce.

CLICK HERE to support Fragmented Mind, Dance Production by Eva Kolarova