Collaboration between Eva Kolarova and Art Crush.

ART CRUSH is an invitation to get into the music and to revisit pieces that may be familiar for some, and new to others. It's a window to experience them through the prism of other art forms. The concert can be described as an on-stage visual 'transmission' of mood and emotions from one artistic discipline to another and back again, forming a chain reaction or cycle of inspiration.

The ensemble unites musicians, dancers and visual artists on stage together.

What ignites the idea for a choreography, how does the music affect the dancer or inspire the line of an artist? How will they interpret the music's emotions, colours and nuances?
A show based on the classical chamber music setting, Art Crush hopes to create a powerful concert experience that transports the public past standard boundaries and explore a different way to experience these musical works. Musicians, dancers and visual artists will be on stage together.

A premiere performance you don’t want to miss! The Art Crush Show ensemble presents, in its entirety, Canadian Richard Reed Parry’s debut album, recently released on the Deutsche Grammophon label. A member of the rock band Arcade Fire, composer and multi-instrumentalist Parry has created innovative, experimental music that’s played in sync with the heart and breathing rates of the musicians performing it.

Saturday 4th June, 2016 at 7:30pm

Multi-purpose centre, 81 Hooper St., Saint-Lambert

Duration: 90 min.