My new creation Cycle was presented in the festival Quartiers Danses in September 13th, 2014  at the theatre Le Gesu in Montreal and was also choosen to participate in the festival Vue sur la releve on the April 9th,2015 at theatre Plaza in Montreal. 

This creatio started from a great opportunity to collaborate for the first time with outstanding composer Reiko Yamada, cellist  and film maker Luciana Marcos in cooperation with Dereck Branscombe. Reiko composed wonderful music that will be played on stage by cellist, together with the dance and combined with video projection.

Synopsis of Cycle:

I've always wondered. Everything in nature takes place in certain periods, everything is repeated, each time in a slightly different form, but the basic principles remain unchanged; it's just different variations , viewpoints and under different conditions.

And that fascinates me. I want to capture one story out of thousands. Each human being goes through a period of spring, summer, autumn and winter, but that is not the end , because after winter comes spring again! Every beginning has an end, and without end there would be no beginning!

Interprets: Emilie Durville, Eva Kolarova