“Metamorphosis of love”

The theme of my performance is the relationship between humansand the most

important - love !

 How trivial a topic, one might say but our lives revolve around it.

It can be so simple and so complicated at the same time.

Large and mysterious like the ocean.

 Love and all of her transformation, complexity and options which opens to us.

 I want to absorb the audience, let them forget their worries and allow them only to feel!

Because just by letting our feelings without control, we can open the unknown door, of

which we have forgotten the key somewhere.

I wish this key was my performance!


The performance consists of 7 scenes, duration of all performance is:  1 hour

( Interpreted by four dancers. )

 1. Prologue ( dialoguesand music: Princes Tziganes )

 2. duet “Looking back” ( music by Max Richter and Beirut )

- dance by Eva Kolarova and Hamilton Nieh

3. duet “Alter Ego” ( music by Clogs and M.Richter )

- dance by Eva Kolarova and Mahomi Endoh

4. solo “Soul of woman” ( Paloma, J.Iglesias )

- dance by Mahomi Endoh

5. trio “Triangle” ( Princes Tziganes, Leonard Cohen )

- dance by Eva Kolarova, Jean-Sébastien Couture and Hamilton Nieh

6. solo “La voix humain”  ( Max Richter )

- dance by Eva Kolarova

7. Epilog  ( dialoguesand music: Princes Tziganes )


                                The premiere took place on August 11th and 12th 2012 at Theatre La Chapelle in Montréal.