My Artistic Statement


My artistic work is marked by an inner feeling of being a rootless nomad; someone shaped by my experience, history and the emotional sediments I carry from my birthplace and early life in the Czech Republic to where I am today, in Montreal. This nomadic existence has shaped my own sense of self and my need to stay in constant movement; seeking evolution and self improvement. 

Like my past, I am in constant movement, physically and creatively. I carry with me imprints of my transient life and my desire is to share those experiences and to discover new spaces for the spectator's imaginative mind.

Like a rolling stone, I have never had the chance to become rooted in the social expectations of a single place, hierarchy, or dance culture. Instead, I carry with me essential excerpts of different cultures that are important to me on the path of my own discovery. I want to evoke in the artists who I collaborate with and audience alike their own search followed by acceptance of identity of “self” and “others” in its difference and in its complexity.

I view dance as a very complex form of artistic expression that cannot be restricted to a single aesthetic. 

As a choreographer, I  synthesize a number of approaches and techniques within contemporary dance and other forms of art that serve my artistic vision, creating my own “hybrid” dance vocabulary. 

Bringing together outstanding artists (dancers, musicians, visual artists and creative experts in today’s high technology), I create an inter-disciplinary universe, where dancers use their unique physicality, while mastering the technique of dance as a tool to capture attention and release the imagination of the curious spectator.

Creating a specific story, I want to articulate the universal search for humanity, the sense of self and the urgency for relationships to other beings and surroundings. I am constructing images of shared situations, experiences or emotions from everyday life, manifesting in multiple ways in given space and time - the performance.

I see the space as an empty canvas, the dancers body as a brush and the movements as a colours and shapes. 

My movements are precise especially when it comes to arms gestures, but remain fluid, almost hypnotic. 

Constantly undulating, spinning, suspending and releasing, creating a dynamic language. What is important to me is choice of powerful music and minimalistic approach to the scenography. I carefully choose my props and lights effects, without over-saturation. I always think less is more. I am absorbed by the idea of collaboration and the exploration of other artistic mediums such as video projection or text which, when properly utilized can greatly enrich the dance expression by contextualizing ideas, either directly or by juxtaposition, within the abstractedness of dance.

Lastly I want to create a supportive, collaborative work environment, which enables dancers to take bold chances.