My Artistic Statement

A native of the Czech Republic, a professional dancer and for several years now, a choreographer based in Montreal, I have always felt the need to find my own way, my own “steps”, and to invent my own choreographic language. I have had the opportunity to develop as a choreographer by creating several of my own works, in particular for the Ballet du Rhin de Mulhouse and the Conservatoire de danse de  St. Louis, in France, as well as in Prague, and more recently here in Montreal, while dancing in main companies like Les Grands Ballets Canadiens and Ballet Jazz, I have produced and choreographed full evening shows like Métamorphose de l'amour, at Théâtre La Chapelle or Fragmented Mind and Blue Dependence at Cinquième Salle at Place des Arts. 

For some of these works, I received a number of first prizes for choreography ( Please see the attached C.V. ) 

My recent works have elicited interest from the professional dance community in Montreal and elsewhere. 

I view dance as a very complex form of artistic expression that cannot be restricted to a single aesthetic. As a choreographer, I want to synthesize a number of approaches within classical and contemporary dance that serve my artistic vision. My contemporary dance influences include choreographers Jiri Kylian, Mats Ek, Maurice Béjart, Pina Bauch and Nacho Duato and the techniques of Gaga and acrobatics. 

I attach great importance to the act of conveying ideas, emotions and concepts to the audience, while respecting certain minimalism, purity and aesthetic form of movement (one might say along classical lines as you can see in my recent creations Blue Dependence as well as in my previous work e.g. Listen). 

I am interested in more than emotion and seek a number of connecting themes: stories, experiences or ideas to weave together in space.

Lately I am absorbed by exploring the possibility of using video projection which, when properly utilized can greatly enrich the dance expression by contextualizing ideas, either directly or by juxtaposition, within the abstractedness of dance.   

Also what is very important to me is the close collaboration with the composer of music for my choreography (e.g. music for creation Cycle has been created through close collaboration and discussions with composer Reiko Yamada and has made me realize how important it is to create music for the specific needs of the dance piece).

My goal ideally is to let people dream and leave the theater with inspiration and an elevated mind!