Cycle-Phase II.

Saturday, December 6th 2014, 6 p.m and Sunday December 7th 2014, 4 p.m. Studio303

Studio 303 is launching the second edition of Métamorphose. The idea is to create a strong dialogue and exchange between two artistic worlds.

Can the performer literally give life to the visual artist’s imagination? How will the visual artist’s imagination affect the mover’s aesthetic? From this collaboration, so many possibilities can emerge – but will we in the end, experience an artistic metamorphosis?

For the creation of Cycle – Phase 2Eva Kolarova and Luciana Marcos incorporate contemporary ballet and videoprojection to draw parallels between the cycle of nature and the human experience. Individuals are still subject to laws of nature, which ensure birth, growth and death, much like the inevitability of the four seasons.

Why Cycle-phase 2 ? Because this is our second creation inspired by the principle of cycle, but this time from a different perspective, less specific. What struck me was the idea of certain cyclical periods that are all around us, whether it's a lifetime of one human being, or one organism, plant or nature itself- all takes places in a kind of cycle. And these cycles are continuously repeated.

What I want to capture in my choreography is the life path of women, but not one particular woman but more a woman who represents the female gender, but also just a human consciousness. The choreography has no specific beginning or end, because what interests me is the path ! The travel, the movement forward, which represents for me life itself.

But what is important to realize is that it is our body that is under the law of certain cycles, but what about our consciousness ?

That's the question.....“

Dancers: Sarah Kingston, Vera Kvarcakova, Caitlin Griffin, Troy Herring, Márcio Vinícius Paulino Silveira